Hisop opened its doors in 2000 and from 2018 it merged with Infolúdica to form Munt Games. Munt Games apart from maintaining the store Hisop is a publisher of board games and customization.

We are specialized in a wide range of products: toys, perfumes and cosmetics for all ages and sexes. We have toys for children and the elderly, always with a carefully selection. The children's products have labels of security, everything is suitable for each age. We also have educational games which fun is linked to learning. Each game and each toy has its reason and works some point in the development of children.

Games for adults tries to promote family moments. There are games in which everyone can play in a cooperative way or competitive games. We also have a wide range of cosmetics, personal care products, hair and color cosmetics. We work with brands of natural cosmetics and conventional cosmetics. We also have a line of perfume: you can choose between natural perfumes or commercial perfumes. 

Our added value is that both in cosmetics and toys, we advise you with whatever you need.

- If you have a child with problems of self-esteem, shyness ... we can report what would be better. Through the game we can work many aspects of our children.

- In cosmetics, we can report what suits you best in case of ill-atopic skin, dry, sensitive ...


For more information call us at +34 93 793 80 23 or 606 50 82 74 / 673 84 11 16 (WhatsApp).

You can also contact us by e-mail info@muntgames.com

Or come and visit us! We are at Rbla. Francesc Macià, 26 d'Arenys de Munt (08358).