Sale and Cancellation Policy / Returns


Can not cancel purchases that its condition is "sent". Only those commands that are "preparing" or "pending payment" can be cancelled.


  • We do not accept returns of the following products:
    • Customized products
    • Products that can not be put back on sale for health issues
    • Products returned in poor condition
    • Returned products without labels or the original packaging and no receipt or invoice
    • Cosmetics and color cosmetics
    • Products sales, balances ...
  • In case of return, you will get the refund of the purchase, but not the delivery charges
  • Returns accepted with a maximum of 30 days after doing the purchase
  • Spending shipment of returns is responsibility of Hisop
  • The refund must be send made in the shop: rbla. Francesc Macia, 26, Arenys de Munt (08358), Barcelona
  • You can make refunds or exchanges for items