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  • 4M

    Since 1993 4 M is a brand specializing in the production of creative games and craft kits for children that encourage imagination, creativity and encourage that young are curious. Its products have won several awards including "Best New Toys 2011", "Parents' Choice Award" or "Toy of the Year Award", among others. In addition, many of its products are aimed at promoting environmental awareness and ecological crafts recycling tips they can use and share with others.

  • Ágave

    Agave crafts. We are a family business since 1996 manufacture of handmade natural cosmetics with natural raw materials of high quality.
    To use the products we produce all raw materials hundred percent natural and that is we can, approved or certified, mainly Ecocert.
    Matters for us are more relevant to the fabrications are the extracts of green plants that collect, vegetable oils and essential oils and distillate hydrolats essences. The most important thing for us is quality.
    They are natural products and are not tested on animals. The containers are recyclable. The smells, color and properties of our products give us the pure essential oils distilled from plants and macerated thereof.
    Our natural cosmetics, promotes health and beauty as well as improving the moods of the mind, through aromatherapy. These products help preserve nature and maximum benefit respectfully it.

  • Alpino

  • Annemarie Börlind

    The pillars of our products are high quality care undisturbed natural active substances such as vegetable raw materials as well as methods of cultivation and production.

    Most of the plants extracts and essential oils derived from controlled ecological and biological crop or wild certified collection.

    Botanical experts and discover new plants for us worldwide.

    We use pure water from our own spring in the Black Forest.

    The dermatological tolerability and efficacy of our cosmetics are dermatologically tested and scientific institutions on independent volunteers.

    We do not use ingredients like PEG, paraffins, oil, silicone oils, among others, being ingredients that are not biodegradable.

    We place a high value on high quality at a fair price.

  • Antonio Juan

    The mix of tradition, modernity and the expert hands of the best art specialists have enabled us to evolve dolls without losing our original philosophy as a brand: offering the best quality-prize to customers.

    We work hard to innovate and offer quality dolls with competitive price, is reason why we trade around over 30 countries on five continents.

  • Chen Yu

    CHEN YU is a name that evokes the beauty. Balance between the millennial knowledge of the East and the West Point Technology.
    CHEN YU is the natural beauty gestures made, easy to run, to feel the infinite being a careful, healthy, hydrated, protected and pampered skin.
    CHEN YU is also beauty, health and wellness for the body, for skin that envelops us and deserves to enjoy a few minutes of daily attention and care.
    CHEN YU is also makeup. It suddenly becomes glamor, passion, a love story for the features themselves, helping to highlight lips, delineating eyes, underlining a look, giving color to cheeks and a harmonious and natural background.
    CHEN YU is, in short, the scientific vision of an ancestral knowledge, a ritual of beauty, an ethic of life and an art of living based on the best of East and West, to achieve harmony and balance that are the basis of a natural beauty.
    Chen Yu. East. West. Beauty is in the balance.

  • Djeco

    Because play is essential to the development of children,
    Djeco creates an even more entertaining, educational and imaginative collection.
    Faithful to their artistic approach, the Djeco creative team,
    passionate and inventive, talented illustrators contact
    to enrich their collection of games and toys.

  • Hape

    Hape Toys is one of the world’s largest producers of toys made from sustainable materials. Hape toys are both creatively designed and eco-friendly. Neither culture, nor language, nor gender inhibits the intuitive process of play. All of the products meet, and more often, exceed the strictest international standards for quality and safety. But behind the innovative designs and meticulous quality lies the even stronger ethos of Hape.

  • Keycraft

    Keycraft Toys
    We go to great lengths to ensure we source the best product from the best manufacturers from around the globe. Our range is ever changing to bring you the very best in exciting scientific, novelty and pocket money toys.

    Living Nature
    ‘Embracing the wonder of nature’. Our exclusive brand of beautifully crafted and realistically detailed soft toy animals has brought many children to love and understand the amazing facts of our wildlife. We pay particular attention to detail and ensure our soft toys look as realistic as possible. Most of our soft toys have a swing tag showing information and facts about the animal’s behaviour, habitat and food.

    We have the exclusive distribution of these high quality, sculptured animal replicas. The fantastically detailed texture and paint work makes these figures one of the most realistic on the market. Children experience hours of endless educational, role-play and collecting fun with these models.

    What our Customers say about us...

    "Whenever I ring the office it doesn't matter who answers, I always feel like a valued customer. Nothing is too much trouble and I am impressed with the speed you manage to get stock out to us."

    "I know 2012 will present ongoing economic challenges for all businesses, particularly new ones like mine, however I strongly believe that with your outstanding quality of service & delivery you will always stand out from the crowd."

    "We have been dealing with Keycraft for the past 18 months.  Everyone is extremely courteous, well-informed and the prompt ordering and delivery is excellent.  Very happy with the range."

    "The quality of products we buy from Keycraft are brilliant, and the staff that deal with the ordering and queries are the very best."

    "I have shopped with you for 14 years now and you have never disappointed us."

Showing 1 - 30 of 56 items